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Zevo Is Parent-tested and Parent-approved!

Zevo Is Parent-tested and Parent-approved!

We’re thrilled to announce that two of our products have received the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. What does that mean? PTPA Media is the leading consumer product awards organization, and it bestows awards annually. The Seal of Approval results come after a thorough approval process through which real consumers (just like you) test products in their daily lives.

These consumers selected Zevo Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit and Zevo Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray to receive the Seal of Approval. We’re so honored to have been selected two years in a row, and we love being a trusted part of homes across the country.

How Smart Are Household Bugs?

How Smart Are Household Bugs?

We interact with bugs every day, whether we want to or not. They are creepy and crawly and gross – and smarter than you realize. But how smart are they? They might not be able to earn a master’s degree, but their intelligence is often alarming. Check out these crazy-but-true facts about familiar household bugs and insects below and see just how smart bugs can be.

 Cockroaches can learn to drool in response
to a stimuli, like a bell ringing.

Ants use chemical signals to teach what they
learn to other ants.

Spiders can map your home in three dimensions.

Flies make decisions within milliseconds
of spotting a threat.

Yellow jackets learn and anticipate when human
is available to scavenge.

As you can see, bugs are smart. But Zevo is way smarter. Our fancy pants bug scientists figured out a way to outsmart even the most crafty of these bugs, using their nature against them. For example, Zevo Flying Insects Traps lure flying insects with UV light. Before they know it, they’re stuck – and you’re happy.


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Zevo is Lending a Helping Hand

Zevo is Lending a Helping Hand

In the midst of damaged homes, lost items or displaced families, that last thing people think about after a natural disaster is the need for bug control. But heavy rains and flooding can lead to a lot of standing water – a breeding ground for many insects and diseases. Zevo has partnered with Matthew 25 Ministries, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization, to help those impacted in the community by recent natural disasters.

Most recently, the Matthew 25 Ministries disaster relief team headed to Dayton, Ohio, where many residents suffered tremendous loss after several tornadoes touched ground. They distributed kits of helpful household goods to those in need, including Zevo sprays to help with pest control. We know Zevo can’t un-damage homes or bring back lost family photos, but we hope that by helping to protect families and pets from unwanted insects we can help make the recovery process a little bit easier. 

To learn more about Matthew 25 Ministries and how they are helping people across the country, visit