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Bugs Ruin Everything: Zevo’s Guide to Mosquito Control at Home

Want to make your home less inviting to mosquitoes? Our helpful guide shows you how to get rid of mosquitoes and keep flying insects at bay without chemical insecticides.

From mosquito repellants to annoying mosquito traps, people will try almost anything to keep flying insects out of their homes. But, these options aren't truly solutions when they introduce nasty little trade-offs, like chemical insecticides, odors or messes, into your home. Just read the warning labels; why trade one problem for another?

So, how do you get rid of mosquitoes and help protect your family without chemical insecticides? At Zevo, we believe the best mosquito trap is one that's effective, simple, odor-free, mess-free and chemical-insecticide-free.

Check out our helpful guide to mosquito control inside your house and follow these tips to help keep life inside your home worry-free.

A. Keep it cool. Mosquitoes love warm areas. Keep your home cool with fans or air conditioning to help avoid mosquitoes.
B. Clean up standing water. Standing water is a breeding ground for flying insects. Make sure all standing water is removed from sinks, drains, bathrooms and other areas in your home.
C. Close doors and windows. We love the fresh air, too, but you can keep flying insects out by keeping windows, screens and doors closed when you’re not around. Make sure your window and door screens are in good condition by checking for holes or wear.
D. Remove old plants. Get rid of old plants and drain excess water to help prevent mosquitoes from making themselves at home.
E. Plug in Zevo. Help protect your home and family by placing Zevo Flying Insect Traps in areas that are easily accessible by insects, like kitchens, entryways, dining rooms, garages and enclosed patios.

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No, we don't need a flyswatter.
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