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How to Get Rid of Bugs You See (and the Ones You Don’t)

For years and years, people have struggled to find a way to manage household bugs in a safe, effective way, asking questions like ”How do I get rid of fruit flies, ants, roaches and hornets without any harm to my family? When starting Zevo, our goal was to answer that question and more. Our bug trap and fly spray work together to provide ongoing affordable pest control you can trust around your kids and pets.* Plus, they work! Check out how we do it: 

How to Get Rid of Bugs You See 

Our Instant Action Insect Sprays are our best on-contact bug killers. With sprays for crawling, flying, and stinging needs, you can spray any insect invaders and rest easy knowing they won’t get back up. Our safe* bio-science formula quickly paralyzes and kills bugs by targeting a nervous system receptor only active in bugs. So, you can get rid of the bugs you see, without harming your loved ones or pets.* 

How to Trap the Flying Bugs You Don’t See 

But, what about the flying bugs that you don’t know are there or the ones you can't get easily with a spray? That’s where Zevo Flying Insect Traps come in. Our trap uses dual-action bio-attractants to draw flying insects in and capture them with a powerful adhesive backing that you never have to touch. So, you get 24/7 plug-in protection without chemical insecticides, odors or messes! 

By using our indoor bug sprays and our flying insect trap together, you can eliminate the insects that make their way inside your home. And, because Zevo uses ingredients and processes you can trust, you don’t have to worry about how insect control will affect the people and pets* you care about. 

*When used as directed. See package label.

No, we don't need a flyswatter.
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