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Mosquitoes 101: What You Should Know to Help Protect Your Family

Mosquitoes are annoying and potentially dangerous. Learn how to help protect your family without chemical bug sprays or strong chemical insecticides.

Mosquitoes are annoying at best and dangerous at worst. They can buzz, bite and transmit diseases. For centuries, we humans have wanted to know how to get rid of mosquitoes, and we've been creative in our fight against these airborne terrors (i.e., chemical bug sprays, bug zappers and do-it-yourself pest control). But, protecting your family isn't rocket science. Knowing these simple facts will help you fend off mosquitoes around your home without strong chemical insecticides like a pro.

Mosquitoes Like Water

Those tiny bullies might love biting you, but they also love water. Stagnant water, to be exact. It's where they lay their eggs and birth new hordes of obnoxious biters. Stagnant water on your porch or in your garage means mosquitoes can start breeding and bleeding into your home. But, they don't stop there. Inside your home, look out for overwatered potted plants, wet mop buckets, and drippy sinks in the kitchen or laundry rooms.

Mosquitoes Like Light Contrast

Just like Superman and kryptonite, mosquitoes have a weakness. They are more active at dusk and dawn and are naturally attracted to the contrast in blue light and UV light. You can use traps like Zevo to exploit this biological weakness. Zevo is an indoor insect trap that uses a flying bug's natural tendencies to snare the ones that get inside your home. By plugging in a Zevo insect trap, you can help protect your family from mosquitoes without worrisome insecticide smells or harsh chemicals.

Mosquitoes Like Your Skin

It's easy to see that mosquitoes are fond of our skin. We're often reminded of it when we scratch the bite marks they leave behind. You can wear long-sleeved shirts and pants while playing or working outside, but what about indoors? You can’t expect to live your whole life covered from head to toe just to avoid bug bites. Luckily, Zevo makes do-it-yourself pest control easy by helping to eliminate those risks from outside invaders.

Mosquitoes Like the Gaps in Your House

Mosquitoes can get inside your home even when the doors are closed. They sneak in through the open windows and gaps in your walls. To help prevent this, install door and window screens (if they aren’t already in place), cover all gaps in walls, doors and windows, and make sure everything is "bug tight." Then, plug in Zevo insect traps throughout your home to help catch the mosquitoes that make it past your house’s armor. It's important to understand how to help protect yourself and your family against mosquitoes. You can watch out for stagnant water, keep your skin covered, and make your house "bug tight," but why stress out when Zevo can attract and eliminate flying insects in your home for you? Just plug it in where you might need it (in your enclosed porch, garage, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and rest easy knowing you don’t have to use strong chemical insecticides in your home with Zevo on your side.

No, we don't need a flyswatter.
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