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Set a Trap Mosquitoes Can’t Ignore

What’s the best mosquito trap? Learn about four ways to get rid of mosquitoes and find the one that works best for you.

We're all familiar with mosquitoes. We've heard their high-pitched buzzing, and we’ve run for cover. We've gone to great lengths to keep them off of us. We've scratched the bite marks they leave behind. But, few know how to get rid of them, especially when they find their way indoors. Sure, we’ll use sticky-tape paper and bug zappers and strong, smelly chemicals, but which method makes for the best mosquito trap? Check out the pros and cons of four different kinds of solutions. Then, you can judge for yourself.

The Chemical Way

There are a lot of different bug solutions out there that use harsh chemicals and insecticides to fix your mosquito problem. Whether it's octenal, DEET, propane or pheromones, these chemicals are effective, but most aren't recommended for indoor use when you are in the space, and for good reason. Read the warning labels and decide for yourself.

The Sticky Way

One popular flying insect trap to choose from is a long strip of sticky fly paper or ribbon hung from the ceiling or draped across a counter. While this method is simple, it's unsightly and messy to place this kind of bug control in the middle of your home, kitchen or family rooms. Who wants to see big, fat house flies stuck all over these strips, especially when guests are over. And, since most sticky fly papers don't have a way to attract bugs, you have to wait for bugs to fly into them on a whim. The disposal process can also make things really sticky – especially if your hair ever gets stuck on it!

The DIY Way

There are many weird and creative ways to make your own mosquito trap for nominal results. And if you're an avid do-it-yourself person, you might give them all a try only to be disappointed when you have to trade effectiveness for going insecticide-free. These home remedies that show how to get rid of mosquitoes can often lead to even more flying bugs hanging around your house, strange smells, and even stranger looks from house guests. Thankfully, we found a better way.

The Zevo Way

Combining common sense with new technology, Zevo flying insect traps attract flying insects, like mosquitoes and house flies, with a power that they can’t resist. That's because many flying insects are hardwired to be drawn to light, and Zevo has a special combo of attractive blue and UV light spectrums. Once they get inside Zevo, they stay there. No zaps. No chemical insecticides. No strange homemade contraptions. No strong smells or unsightly messes. For cleanup, just simply toss the Zevo trap cartridge in the trash and snap on a new one!

Mosquito control is a never-ending problem, but you don't have to suffer, and you don’t have to make trade-offs when it comes to eliminating these kind of risks inside your home.

No, we don't need a flyswatter.
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