Zevo Fly Trap

Zevo attracts and traps flies and other flying insects, like mosquitoes, gnats, moths and fruit flies in areas where they commonly enter the house. 

Lured by a powerful light spectrum bio-attractant, Zevo uses insects' natural tendencies against them to continuously attract and trap flying insects from any room inside your house. Flies and other insects like gnats, fruit flies, moths or mosquitoes fly into the openings of the cartridge and get stuck on the powerful adhesive pad inside.

Kitchen Counter Insect Trap

What if the best fly trap for your home was worry-free, simple, effective and didn’t use chemical insecticides at all? You and your loved ones deserve a life without trading one problem for another in the name of insect control so you can focus on what really matters.

Dramatization of Real Zevo Flying Insect Trap Usage Results After Four Weeks*Photoshoot recreation of the average results in four weeks from an Orlando, FL in-home study

Take back control and get started with the Zevo Starter Kit or Whole Home Protection Kit today!