How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Zevo

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Zevo continuously traps flying insects without chemical insecticides.  It works on flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and mosquitoes. 

See how Zevo attracts & traps flying insects day-after-day!

It takes four simple steps to start trapping flying insects.

1. Plug it in
 2. Attract and trap
3. Throw away dead insects
4. Replace the trap cartridge

Where should you use Zevo?

Insecticide-free Zevo is especially effective where flying insects get in, like covered patios and garages, and where they tend to gather in your home, like in kitchens (near windows, fruit, and trashcans) and near entryways.

You can confidently use it in your home because Zevo contains NO odors, NO chemical insecticides, and leaves NO mess.

The results speak for themselves!Dramatization of Real Zevo Flying Insect Trap Usage Results After Four Weeks

*Photoshoot recreation of the average results in four weeks from an Orlando, FL in-home study