Ants don’t belong in the house. And once they get inside, it's not always easy to get them out. So what do you do when you find them marching around your kitchen?

Don’t settle for chemicals like pyrethroids or other ant sprays in your home. Zevo Ant, Roach, & Spider - Crawling Insect Spray is a safe and powerful ant spray that's effective at killing ants on contact. All with no harm to people and pets.*

How It Works
You can feel good about using Zevo in your home because we understand what makes ants and crawling insects tick. Our bio-science formula quickly paralyzes and kills ants by using essential oils that target a nervous system receptor only active in bugs. That means you can use Zevo around your loved ones and pets without worry.*

Use wherever ants are not welcome. 
With ingredients you can trust and a precision trigger that allows you to spray from a distance with accuracy, Zevo Crawling Insect Spray is effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

Zevo Ant

Spray problem areas to keep ants away.
Our proprietary formula uses powerful essential oils and other familiar ingredients, so you can feel good about using Zevo Crawling Insect Spray in your kitchen, living room and dining room.

Safe and effective, you can store Zevo wherever you need it!
Since you don't have to worry about what's inside the can, you can store Zevo Crawling Insect Spray throughout the home. That way, Zevo is in reach whenever and wherever ants appear. Plus, our cans are subtle, so you won't let the world know you are trying to take care of those pesky pests.

*When used as directed. See package label.