How to get rid of gnats with zevo

Zevo Flying Insect Traps continuously attracts and eliminate gnats where they cause problems. Just plug it in an outlet by your kitchen, garage, covered porch or pantry and help keep gnats out of your way. With Zevo, you don’t have to worry about gnats because we understand what makes them tick. Using insects’ natural tendencies against them, Zevo uses dual light bio-attractants to eliminate them without odors, chemical insecticides or messes. 

Place Zevo in your kitchen, near trashcans, and in mudrooms to help eliminate gnats in places where they follow you in.

Kitchen counter insect trap

It takes four simple steps to start eliminating gnats:

1. Plug it in
 2. Attract and trap
3. Throw away dead insects
4. Replace the trap cartridge

Let Zevo start attracting and trapping gnats and other flying insects, like mosquitoes, moths, and fruit flies, all day and all night.

Dramatization of Real Zevo Flying Insect Trap Usage Results After Four Weeks*Photoshoot recreation of the average results in four weeks from an Orlando, FL in-home study