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Moth trap for your bedroom

While not always as annoying as mosquitoes or flies, house moths bug us in different ways. While flying insect control solutions often have us trading one worry for another, Zevo Flying Insect Trap continuously attracts and eliminates moths and other flying insects in your home. Just plug this innovative new moth trap in an outlet by your closet, hallway, attic, porch or pantry to help keep moths out of your way.

With Zevo, you don’t have to worry about moths anymore because we understand what makes them tick. Using insects’ instincts against them, Zevo uses a UV light to draw them in and catch them for good.

Let Zevo start attracting and trapping moths and other flying insects, like mosquitoes, gnats, and fruit flies, all day, all night. Take back control without the tradeoffs and get started with the Zevo Starter Kit or Whole Home Protection Kit today! 

Dramatization of Real Zevo Flying Insect Trap Usage Results After Four Weeks*Photoshoot recreation of the average results in four weeks from an Orlando, FL in-home study