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We've talked to many used Zevo users and compiled best practices for using our trap for optimal results. 

Where to Use Zevo For Best Results

Best Rooms:

  • Use in Garages, Covered Porches, Entryways, Kitchens - Rooms where flying insects enter and where they gather. Always be sure to place Zevo where you frequently see insects.
  • Place in moderate sized rooms (10'x10" or 12'x12') or consider using multiple devices in large rooms with open floor plans.
  • Use in rooms where you commonly open doors and windows.
Best Locations Within a Room:
  • Position in outlets near fruits/vegetables bowls, house plants, trash cans, toilet bowls and litter boxes. Places that are close to common insect areas.
  • Place in highly visible areas so it's easy for insects to discover.
  • Try other locations and outlets if Zevo isn't catching flying insects. 

Use Zevo Day And Night:

  • Turn off competing lights and lamps near Zevo overnight. When Zevo is the only light source, it will attract more flying insects.
Zevo Quick Start Guide Rooms

Things to Avoid When Using Zevo

Room Considerations:
  • Avoid rooms in the middle of your home and upstairs where you don't typically see flying insects. Flying insects don't usually journey deep into your home.

Locations and Placement Considerations:

  • Don't place Zevo directly next to a window or door on the same wall (bugs don't u-turn very well).
  • Clear a path so bugs can get to Zevo. Leave six inches of open space on any side of Zevo and don't hang things above it. 
  • Avoid placing near computers, TVs, behind furniture, and other obstructions.
  • Don't leave lights on over-night near Zevo. They can compete for the bug's attention.

Give Zevo Time to Work

  • Allow a 3-7 days for Zevo to start catching flying insects. Once one flying insect is trapped, more should follow.
  • Location, temperature, and humidity can all affect Zevo's performance. Flying insects are less active in cool and dry weather. 

Keep Zevo Plugged in 24/7

  • Zevo captures and traps flying insects 'round the clock and can help manage flying insects day after day and night after night.