In the aftermath of a storm or hurricane, standing water and debris can add one more unexpected stress for the impacted community: bugs.  Zevo’s bug-stopping technology was conceived in Raleigh, North Carolina and when we saw the devastation caused in the state (and beyond) by Hurricane Florence, we wanted to lean in and do something to help. Hurricane cleanup is not new to our team: Several of our Team Zevo members are from Houston, Texas, and their memories of Hurricane Harvey remain very fresh. They witnessed the water, the power outages, the water, the demolition, the bugs, and the water. Did we mention the water?

When Hurricane Florence set its sights on the east coast, we mobilized. Ants, spiders, roaches and all kinds of other bugs literally come out of the woodwork after a flood. Annoying flies buzz onto the scene, feasting on post-flood debris.  Wasps and yellow-jackets make an appearance after storms when they’re out in search for new homes. Roaches and spiders begin their hunt for new food sources.


Armed with tools, cleaning supplies, and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease and grit, we were able to help communities who have been affected and are cleaning up what we can in Fayetteville and Lumberton, NC.

We’ve seen the aftermath of floodwaters first hand, and we know what it takes to come out dry on the other side.

If you want to help the people of North Carolina but you’re unable to donate your time, money is the top necessity once flood waters recede. Please consider donating to ReBUILD NC, The North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund which is currently accepting contributions for Hurricane Florence damage. Contributions will help with immediate unmet needs of Hurricane Florence victims. Contributions are made online by a secure link. Or text Florence to 20222.

We’re so encouraged by the people of North Carolina. Thank you for reminding us what we can all accomplish together, especially in the aftermath of a storm.