Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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One Device + Two Trap Cartridges

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Zevo continuously eliminates flying insects without chemical insecticides, odors, or messes!  Designed for any room where insects’ hangout - including kitchens, garages, bathrooms, enclosed patios, near entryways, and near trash cans.

  • Attracts and eliminates house & fruit flies, mosquitoes, pantry & closet moths, gnats, and many more!
  • No chemical insecticides, odors, or messes.
  • 24/7 protection
  • 60-90 days of protection. Each refill trap cartridge lasts 30-45 days (or when full of insects) and a Starter Kit contains two. 

Proudly sold at Homedepot.comZevo Flying Insect Trap Sold at The Home Depot

Contents 1 Device, 2 Refill Cartridges
EPA Est. Number 90254-CHN-001
Power Supply 120V, 60Hz, 0.3W
Dimensions 4.6" x 3.6" x 1.6"

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Zevo is a revolutionary flying insect trap that uses flying insect's biological instincts against them to attract and trap them. But without chemical insecticides, smells, loud noises, or messes.

  • Attracts & Eliminates

    Zevo uses irresistible UV and blue light bio-attractants to continuously attract and trap insects into a super sticky adhesive backing you never have to touch.
  • Light Bio-Attractant

    Zevo uses a blue and UV light mixture to attract insects that mimics the sun and moon's navigational light patterns.
  • 24 Hour Protection

    Zevo conveniently works day and night to help protect your family from pesky flying insects.
  • No Chemical Insecticides or Odors

    Zevo has no chemical insecticides, no odors, and no messes, so you can confidently use it in any room.