Whole Home Protection Kit

Whole Home Protection Kit

Whole Home Protection Kit

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Three Devices + Six Trap Cartridges 

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Helps protect up to three rooms in your home from flying insects. 

Zevo continuously eliminates flying insects without chemical insecticides, odors, or messes!  

The Whole Home Protection Kit is designed to help protect up to three rooms where flying insects hangout - including kitchens, garages, bathrooms, enclosed patios, near entryways, and near trash cans.

  • Attracts and eliminates house & fruit flies, mosquitoes, pantry & closet moths, gnats, and many more!
  • No chemical insecticides, odors, or messes.
  • 24/7 protection
  • Each refill trap cartridge lasts 30-45 days (or when full of insects) and a Starter Kit contains two. 

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    Continuous flying insect protection for three rooms in your home.

    All day and night.