Continuously eliminate flying insects without chemical insecticides

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Eliminate flying insects where they get in

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Stop flies & mosquitoes in the garage

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Eliminate flying insects near drains

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Zevo is Sold Out. Refills Still Available.

Due to high demand, Zevo Starter Kits and Whole Home Kits are sold out. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when they are back in stock. Refill Kits are still available for current customers.
Zevo is Sold Out. Refills Still Available.

Continuous Flying Insect Protection

Zevo is a new plug-in flying insect trap with replaceable trap cartridges. Each cartridge offers continuous protection up to 45 days or until it's full. Simply throw the full cartridge in the trash without ever touching dead bugs!

Effectively eliminate:
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
—and other flying insects without chemical insecticides.

Zevo attracts flying insects with a multi-spectrum light technology that mimics nature’s most primal powers of attraction and then traps them into a super-sticky adhesive backing that you never have to touch! Zevo smartly appeals to a bug’s biology, so we don’t have to use chemical insecticides.

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