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Using Zevo Sprays At Home Ft. The Fashionable Hostess

Meet Amanda Saiontz Gluck, the creator of Fashionable Hostess. Decor lover, dinner party hostess, and mom of three, this fashionable entertaining entrepreneur has been styling cheese platters since she was old enough to reach her dining room table. Amanda is a contributing editor for StyleMePretty.com and TheNest.com and includes features on Martha Stewart, Elle Decor, Style Me Pretty, Glitter Guide, Bridal Guide, and Domino. Read about her experience with Zevo sprays!

Living in Miami, where it feels like Summer year-round, we have an “open door” lifestyle. Our back doors are always open, whether it’s so the kids can run back and forth between our backyard and our playroom, or because we invite guests for a drink on the patio and then head into the dining room for dinner. It’s a beautiful lifestyle which I especially appreciate since I lived in New York City (where it gets extremely cold) for nearly a decade!

What comes with open doors are critters (like flies, gnats, mosquitoes, even roaches) which I’m constantly trying to get rid of because I often have guests but mostly, I want to spare my own sanity. The tricky thing? As a mother of three kids under the age of five (one of which spends most the times roaming the ground), I’m very careful about what products I use around the house and opt for more natural alternatives, but because of this, I don’t always get the best results.


But then I tried Zevo Instant Action Sprays! Safe and powerful insect control that can be used around people and pets. After spraying an area of small ants that surrounded a pile of crumbs from a cookie our toddler left behind in our family room, I was impressed with how quickly the bugs (and mess) were cleaned away with a smell that smelled nothing like the bug killers I’ve used in the past – It’s fresh and clean!


Because Zevo sprays are made with common essential oils (cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, and geraniol) you can actually stay in the room after you spray – which is especially important because I sometimes notice insects right before a dinner party begins and now have no problem ridding them on the spot.


Zevo has several sprays to choose from. My go-to is the Ant, Roach, Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray while my mom uses the Fly, Gnat & Fruit Fly Flying Insect Spray to get those pesky fruit flies around her banana bowl!!  

Another Zevo perk? It lasts. I noticed a trail of little sugar ants on my bathroom vanity and couldn’t figure out why. Maybe left-over candy or makeup? I continually cleaned the area but the ants kept coming back. This last time, I sprayed Zevo, wiped up the residual spray, and they haven’t returned since!!


Know that Zevo is meant for your home’s interior but is not meant to be used on your body (like a repellant) or on soft surfaces (like couches, cushioned chairs). Be sure to also check out their Crawling and their Stinging Insect Sprays!

Thank you Zevo for giving me an insect-free home that still feels safe for our family!

- Amanda


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